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Internet speed

Internet speed has recently become the focus of attention for Web users dramatically, as the demand for high-speed Internet lines and a large download capacity to enjoy the Internet without problems or interruption. An Internet measurement is meant to examine the speed of the Internet used, that is, the ability of an Internet line to send and transmit data over the Internet. Despite the great interest in measuring the Internet, there is a great ignorance in the units of measurement, and in this subject we will talk about the units of Internet measurement.
Internet measurement units
Bit is used to measure the speed of data transmission in networks and is linked to the “second” time unit. For example, some local networks have a speed of 10 Mbps; Smallest to largest:
Gigabit per second
Factors affecting Internet speed
Number of users: The higher the number of Internet users from a single router or the same Internet line, the lower the speed of the user because of the pressure on the network.
The speed used in the Internet subscription: This speed is provided by the Internet company to the user at his request, as 512 kbps speed is relatively low compared to speeds measured in gigabit and more.
User device capabilities: This is represented by the presence of obstacles in the user’s device such as viruses, and limit the possibility of  Internet access and data transfer at the speed required.

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