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The College of Nursing discusses a Master Thesis

In our college at the university of kufa, discussed the master’s thesis entitled (Assessment of coping mechanisms in patients with heart disease) to the student Amal Kazem Jaafar, where the results of the study indicated that the overall assessment of coping mechanisms for patients with heart disease of an average rating, in addition There is no relationship between patients with heart disease and personal information in terms of focusing on the problem while there is a relationship in terms of focusing on emotion with personal information in relation to educational and professional level.

The study concluded that dealing with patients with heart disease is mainly the use of coping mechanisms that focus on emotion rather than coping mechanisms that focus on problems.

The study recommends conducting comprehensive studies for the Iraqi people to identify factors that affect their knowledge of heart disease with appropriate solutions to enhance their level of knowledge. In addition, health education programs should be implemented to increase patients’ knowledge of changes in coping mechanisms.

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