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The College of Nursing holds a workshop on headache in children

The pediatric nursing branch at the College of Nursing at the University of Kufa held a workshop on headaches in children, where the workshop included a lecture delivered by the lecturer Israa Shaker, in which she spoke about headaches in children, as it is a reason for about 10% of all children’s visits to medical clinics, and the complaint differs from the mother Head in children than in adults.
She explained that the causes of headaches in children are due to various vision problems, dental and gum problems, sinusitis, sleep disorders, neck muscle tension and several other problems, and migraine (migraine) is a cause of 15% of head pain.
The workshop recommended a comprehensive medical diagnosis and procedure to know the causes of the headache and that the information that you should know about the pain is the duration of the pain, its location, the timing of its appearance, how it ended and the frequency of its appearance if it appears more than once a week.

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