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The introduction of a doctoral study in the College of Nursing

The Dean of the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Kufa, Dr. Rajiha Al-Kassar, received a committee for developing a doctorate at the University of Kufa, headed by Dr. Salam Jassem Al-Fatlawi, Associate Dean of the College of Medicine, and in the presence of the Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Zainab Ali Hussein. Where the committee discussed the topic of creating a doctorate in the College of Nursing and everything related to this topic of providing a highly qualified teaching staff and providing classrooms and scientific laboratories to graduate students with high experience, and Dr. Studying and specializing in the doctorate and in order to raise the scientific and academic level of the college and provide the opportunity for students to complete their studies, which guarantees the qualification of an advanced scientific cadre, and the doctor added that the college has provided all the possibilities that would ensure exemplary graduate studies and graduate a distinguished scientific cadre.

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