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Department Basic Science


The branch seeks to achieve cognitive and academic integration with the rest of the other scientific branches and active participation in achieving the strategic goals of the faculty of nursing, the most important of which are development of scientific research , the expansion of the postgraduate program and consolidating the role of the university in society.


Basic Science Branch is one of the scientific branches and tributaries of knowledge in the Faculty of Nursing, cares about the teaching of subjects that form the basis to understand the medical and health sciences and contributes to all the scientific and academic activities of the faculty.


1.Provide students with knowledge and skills in basic sciences such as anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, microbiology and pathology .

2.Promote scientific research based on the integration between medical science and nursing.

3.Employing human and technical capabilities to provide scientific and practical services for the various social strata.

4.Preparation of professional and experienced nursing staff in the use of advanced medical instruments and technologies.

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