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limon water and kindey stones

Limon is a mulberry tree known scientifically as Citrus limon limons one of the most important plants for domestic use, whether as food or medicine. Limon fruits contain 2.5% pilot oil, which is found in the fruit’s shell the limonade compound accounts for 70% of the pilot oil content. one of the important compounds in the pilot oil is foterpenine, fapinine, betaphenine and stral. The fruit contains comarran, bioflavonides, vitamins C and A, and vitamin B group, as well as gelatin and sugars. 
Limon is considered a complete pharmacy due to the innumerable benefits of healthy body, If you have kidney stones, you must drink limon juice, Doctors explained that kidney stones are a serious problem especially in men, Where suffering from severe heartburn in the urine and repeated urination abnormally, , Pointing out that 80% of kidney stones result from the accumulation of calcium in the kidneys because of low concentration of Citrate compound in the secretion caused by imbalance in the body’s metabolism leads to weak absorption. 
The researchers noted that the surgery to remove the gravel or using the laser for dispersion to the small stones graduated with the induction, Does not guarantee 100% cure, and relapse can lead to renal insufficiency, which has no cure until now except for a new kidney transplant, so overcoming this condition in its early stages is effective treatment of the disease. 
They confirmed that kidney stones can be eliminated at the beginning of the form by taking two capsules of potassium citrate per day, but that the high price can not be many of the abuse while drinking limon juice regularly is a simple, easy and inexpensive method to increase the content of the jackets, which prevents the formation of calcium crystals and converted to kidney stones, because of its rich elements of potassium and jackets. 
Citric acid in limon may prevent kidney stone formation. The University of Wisconsin Medical Center (UW Health) recommends increasing the amount of citric acid taken to reduce the risk of kidney stones caused by calcium buildup Also drinking water itself prevents the formation of these gravel, it should be noted that half a cup of limon juice provides the body the amount of Citric acid itself in some prescribed drugs. 
Studies have shown that the regular consumption of limon juice increases the pH, the content of the jackets, potassium and the volume of digestion without increasing the content of calcium , as the increase in the proportion of the levels of the jackets to calcium in preventing the crystallization and stimulate the introduction of urine, Research has shown that this treatment is effective in preventing the return of kidney stones again, and does not cause any side effects even in people with digestive problems and disorders.
People with kidney stones are advised to drink at least two liters of water and avoid salty foods, spinach, soft drinks and coffee. It is also recommended to eat the parts of yellow plants, whether fruits such as quince and limon or flowers have therapeutic properties characteristic of being managed. 

Recent studies have shown that these yellow substances have the properties of antioxidants, which prevent oxidation of cells and rebuild new cells, and this feature is used today in treatment and prevention in many diseases such as memory, varicose veins and hemorrhoids. There is very advanced research on the importance of these substances for prevention and limitation Of cancer cell activity.

Dr. Amal Saadoun Al-Ibrahimi

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