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IT concept and areas of use

Information technology and its concept

Information technology means the term scientific applications of science and knowledge in all fields, namely the use of computers and secondary storage media, networks and computer equipment for the creation, processing, storage, protection and exchange of all types of electronic information. The concept of information technology is to collect, process, analyze, About different technological devices.

History of Information Technology

Information technology emerged clearly in 1940 when Harvard University created the first large computer called Mark 1, and in 1975 Bill Gates introduced an operating system on MITS compatible with their devices. Microsoft began to emerge, and in 1993, The Internet is available for free use. The evolution of information technology continued especially at the turn of the century, with the first intelligent device that allows anyone to access information by tapping the screen with their fingers. The development in this field is still ongoing, and it has taken different forms. It is what is specific to the organizations and institutions, and it is what appears in the form of multiple applications, including what works through the Internet and electronic pages.

Areas of IT use in daily life

Through the use of information technology can abandon the difficult traditional systems and replace them with easy techniques, reducing the effort and time and labor, and the areas of technology in daily life, including the following:

Education: Computer is used in classrooms and education, and digital equipment and mobile applications have helped students learn faster.

Management: Used to increase productivity and increase marketing opportunities.

Banks and banks: Used in the central administration of banks and banks, which reduces the burden and reduces the effort in addition to providing manpower.

Medicine: Providing databases for patients around the world, as well as monitoring patients’ health conditions and stages of symptom development.

Library Lending: With the ease of knowing the contents of libraries through electronic and digital data records and catalogs, collaboration between libraries has become easier. This facilitates the exchange of books between libraries in various parts, in addition to facilitating the electronic publishing of books.

There are many other areas where technology has entered, such as industry, pharmacy, trade, agriculture, internal security, and telephone and network communications.



Assistant teacher. Hayder Sabeeh Al – Ibrahimi

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