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The basic science branch in our college holds a workshop

The Basic Sciences Branch held a workshop titled ” Clinical Measures for the Cytokine Levels After and Before Hirudotherapy in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients” On Wednesday 17/10/2018 under the direction of Dr. Dina Adnan. The use of leech therapy is one of the most common methods of treating joints, The importance of leech worm in the treatment of pain and inflammation dates back to the nineteenth century, where this worm was used a lot in licking infections and rotten blood. Dr. Dina has shown how to treat by this worm where the pain is pricked so that it can bite the area of pain quickly, After the worm stick itself on the pain zone, it stitches its eighty teeth into the skin. Before it begins to absorb blood, the worm puts a saliva on the wound containing a chemical called Herodin, this substance has an inhibitory effect on inflammation, it also relieves tumors and stimulates lymphatic secretions, She also explained the useful substances in this worm and its saliva which is a mixture of blood-thinning and anticoagulants and they are ( Hirudin / Vasodilaor / Hyaluronidase ). 

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