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The assist. Prof. Dhafer Amin Al Moussawi participated in the CPD course

The CPD training course is a professional development program for educating and learning mechanisms in Iraq among 15 participants at the level of Iraqi universities (Kufa, Baghdad, Wasit, Babel, Karbala) organized by the British International Organization (Children make change) in collaboration with Sunderland University in Newcastle, UK. As a starting point and a real start to change towards successful education and without negative slopes according to British standards and foundations in education where the course included professional development of education and standing in front of the psychological and behavioral problems in children and their impact on the educational level of the student as a result of educational methods as well as training on therapeutic methods for people with special needs and access to the mechanisms and methods of treatment for the functional autism of children, and also by opening prospects for joint cooperation between the school and the University

And will be the start of two schools from Najaf to transfer this experience to the teaching and educational staff and educational methods to improve education in Iraq according to the British system. 


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