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The mental health branch in our college organizes a scientific trip

The mental health branch in the Faculty of Nursing / University of Kufa organized a scientific trip for students of the fourth stage of the morning and evening studies on Monday, 3/12/2018 to the Rashad training hospital in the Department of Health Baghdad – Al-Rusafa and under the supervision of Assistant Professor Dr. Murtadha Ghanim Adai, A Head of the Branch and Assistant Professor Dhafer Amin AL-Moussawi, the rapporteur of Branch and in the presence of Assistant Professor Dr. Hisham Qasim, Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs and a number of the instructors of the branch and the director of media in the College.

The participant was Assistant Professor Dr. Karim Reshak Al-Khuzai instructor at the College of Nursing / University of Baghdad where he accompanied the students and introduced them to the departments of the hospital and explains the different cases of patients directly and explains each case individually.

At the end of the tour, the head of the mental health branch thanked the hospital administration for the good reception and cooperation of the hospital staff the students also expressed their satisfaction and the extent to which they benefited from the identification and study of patients’ cases directly with patients. 

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