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The branches of the basics of nursing and adult nursing in our college are holding a scientific symposium

In the activities of our College for the week of safety and security of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear, the branches of the basics of nursing and adult nursing, organized a scientific symposium entitled (the correct management in dealing with health waste) on Thursday 20/12/2018 on the College of Nursing major hall.

Assist. Prof. Mohammed Hakim Shemran, head of the adult nursing branch, gave a lecture.

Attendees took part in the discussion, which included many important observations. The discussion also led to a set of proposals that would reduce chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear hazards.

Recommendations of the Symposium:

1. Continuing to hold training courses in laboratories and halls on the correct methods of dealing with health waste.

2. Incorporate the curriculum of basic principles of biosafety and chemical biosafety.

3. Continuous follow-up and direct supervision according to the administrative hierarchy to prove the correct methods in isolating the waste health.

4. Issuing a booklet on the principles of biosafety and chemical radiation biosafety distributed to new students and employees in the health services.

5. Issuing a structural model showing the administrative hierarchy of the supervision of laboratories by the Quality Division.

6 – Upload a copy of the recommendations of scientific seminars to the presidency of the University of Kufa and the Najaf Provincial Council and Najaf Health Department to help reduce the risks of chemical, biological and radiological.

7- Intensive lectures and training seminars on the subject of safety of biological and chemical security.

8- Forming central and sub-committees in the state departments and hospitals on the supervision of the application of biosafety, chemical, and biosafety standards. 

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