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Faculty of Nursing holds a workshop on the exams’ results declaration and objections and scrutiny it.

The Faculty of Nursing held a workshop entitled “exams’ Results” declaration and objections and scrutiny it, where the workshop highlighted the most important instructions concerning the announcement of the exam results after approval by the College Council and the approval of the President of the University on the document of the College Council The results shall be declared in accordance with Article (17) of the Examination Instructions. It also keeps a copy of the results in each student’s file and other copies kept in the registry.

The workshop dealt with the mechanism of objection to the exam results, and the student has the right to object to the results within three working days from the date of distribution of the results where the examination committee to collect objections and check grades in several contexts where checking the grades of the notebooks by checking and correct all questions and branches in addition to the authenticity of the collection of grades and the authenticity of the transfer from within the notebook, the collection of the annual degree of achievement is also checked with the final examination score as well as the score of that fixed on the base register with the degree recorded on the computer to avoid the possibility of wrong transmission, As the results of the objections in the notice board are declared in case of matching or not matching them and write a word identical or not identical with the mention of appreciation.

At the end of the workshop, the mechanisms of issuance of administrative orders were mentioned by the Deanship of the College and the distribution of the administrative tasks of the examination committees 

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