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How to master the art of influencing the audience

   It is not exaggeration if we say that the impact on the audience is the highest degree of presentation skills; if you want to reach the power of influence you have to combine the art of presentation and persuasion, and master the skills of attention-grabbing, and to use professional tools to deliver information, the result of all this is your ability to understand what people say, and convince them what you want, and directed them towards the goal you aspire to, which is what we call the (power of influence) .

   The power of influence is driven by four main elements: passion, confidence, attractive personality, and presentation techniques. Some of these elements may overlap with each other, for example, passion goes parallel with confidence, and vice versa, and presentation techniques are good expression of passion and confidence for those who use them better. However, there is a variety among these elements made us put them in separate ranks.

1. Passion

   The passion is the highest degree of love, and from it arises enthusiasm in the dumping, the more enthusiastic the lecturer or the subject, the more enthusiastic when talking about it, enthusiasm and enthusiasm in the public feelings, and raise the attention and focus, and lead the mind to the conviction of the ideas and information, speak with enthusiasm and passion, and be away from the coolness in the talk, it turns off the fire of interaction with the public.

2. Confidence

   The audience has a precise sense of monitoring the status of the lecturer or the reporter, interacting positively and confidently with the lecturer who touch his personality confidence and confidence, and doubt any information or idea from the person who does not give the information with confidence and managed.

   There are many sources of trust. The most important of these is the scientific ability. Some researchers know that it is the ability to talk about a specific topic for an entire hour without prior preparation. The ability means full knowledge of the subject, the accumulated experience of its backgrounds and branches, and the speed of knowing the questions and interventions. A charming figure for many types of the public, and can easily and easily influence them, and convince them to give them ideas and information.

   One of the sources of confidence is the perfect language. The experienced lecturer in speech styles, who is able to use words in their place, and the speaker who is unaware of the positions expressed and spoken, are more confident than those who hesitate, stutter because of forgetting, or disorganize the sentences.

3. Presentation tools

   The most important of which are the skills of using voice and body language, and these tools are the most important element in the force of influence, passion and confidence, but show their influence in voice and physical communication, and positive and negative messages reach most of the public through these two important elements.

   Intonation is one of the most important skills of sound, and we mean the transfer of feelings with sound, the lecturer or successful speaker is the one who succeeds in the use of sound vibrations to transfer words with emotions, changing the tone or speed of sound up and down to serve the goal he wants, and joy has a tone, confidence and reassurance have a distinctive tone, and fear and frequency has a distinctive tone, and so anger , domination , cajoling and warning, each of his tone that distinguish him from others. Monotonic is one of the worst ways to shed, and is most common among lecturers, especially novices, a modern way that the public feels bored after twenty minutes of speaking.
  The body language is very influential to the extent that the study of Mehrabin – controversial – it constitutes 55% of the proportion of factors affecting the public, the use of inspiration (the movement of the body and limbs), or the language of eyes, or movement, all very effective tools to tighten attention, clarification of the idea, and the delivery of information. As with the sound of pests, body language also has lesions, the use of which will have negative effects on distraction, and the public will be diverted from speech to movements that are far from meaning. Body language should correspond to the meaning of words and not be opposed to them; For example, refers to the large size, is not suitable to be used to denote the small size because it will convey contradictory messages to the recipient’s understanding.

4. Attractive personality

   The audience is always inclined to be present at the good coaches, and the audience laughs. The use of humor is very important in influencing the audience. Laughter increases absorption, attracts attention, and negates boredom and boredom. Other characteristics of the attractive personality are respect for the public, appreciation of their needs of the scientific or training material, and dialogue with them before and after the lecture.
   In conclusion, if you want to be influential in the audience, you have to speak with passion, enthusiasm and confidence, to use the language and use the words, and most importantly, the use of body language and sound skills, and be fun and friendly, respectful to your audience, and a measure of their needs in learning from you to take information and gain skill.


                                D. Ali Abdulzahra Al-Fahham

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