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Prof. Rajiha Al-Kassar publishes scientific research in a magazine within the Scopes container

The dean of the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Kufa published Professor Rajiha Abdul Hassan Al-Kassar scientific research entitled (The effect of postoperative breathing exercises on the lung function of postoperative patients) and the doctor explained that pulmonary complications after surgery are a major cause of complications and …

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Prof. Rajiha Al-Kassar publishes two scientific papers in journals within the Scopes Q2 and Q4 containers.

The dean of the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Kufa, Prof. Rajeh Abdul Hassan Al-Kassar, published two scientific papers entitled (the effectiveness of educational programs on patient knowledge regarding managing self-care after ischemic heart disease) and conducted a joint research entitled (evaluation of the psychosocial state of the …

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Soil-borne helminth infection

Key facts • soil-borne helminth infections are caused by various types of helminths It is transmitted by eggs in human feces, which pollutes the soil in areas with poor sanitation Nearly 2 billion people are infected with soil-transmitted helminths worldwide • Infected children suffer from physical, nutritional and cognitive impairment …

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