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Instructor from our college participates in the international scientific conference in Egypt

Assistant instructor Dhafer Amin Al-Moussawi participated in the International Scientific Conference under the title (Scientific Research and Interdisciplinary Studies), which was held from 31/3 – 1/4/2019 in the Republic of Egypt and specifically in the Faculty of Arts / Cairo University. This conference comes in conjunction with the Faculty of …

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The Quality Assurance and Performance Assessment Division at our College hold a workshop

The Quality Assurance and Performance Assessment Department at the Faculty of Nursing / University of Kufa held a workshop entitled “Discussion of Academic Accreditation Schedule” on Wednesday 10/4/2019.  Based on the recommendations of the Presidency of the University of Kufa, the need to achieve global and local dependencies according to …

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Our College hosts the seminar of the Department of Non-Governmental Relations in the Iraqi Integrity Commission and Al-Rased organization to Support Iraqi Integrity

The Department of Relations with Non-Governmental Organizations in the Integrity Commission of Iraq and Al-Rased organization to support Iraqi Integrity and in cooperation and coordination with the Faculty of Nursing / University of Kufa Youth Integrity Forum entitle of “youth a cornerstone in the fight against corruption” on Monday 8/4/2019 …

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Representatives of universities (Babil, Karbala and Qadissiya) met in our college to unite sources of accreditation

A group of professors met representatives of the University of Babylon, Karbala and Qadissiya in the Faculty of Nursing / University of Kufa on Monday 8/4/2019. The meeting was chaired by Assistant Professor Dr. Mortadha Ghanim Adai, Head of Mental Health Branch. The meeting resulted in the consolidation of an …

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