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· Standard I –  (The nursing department / services shall be directed by a qualified nurse administrator and shall be appropriately integrated with the medical staff and with other hospital staffs that provide and contribute to patient care) The administrator of the nursing department service shall be qualified, registered nurse …

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The concept of e-government

E-government is also called e-governance, namely the application of information technology, communications on government functions and procedures to increase efficiency and transparency, and enhancing citizen participation. This definition illustrates how ICT can be used as a support tool for the development of good governance. Efficiency in the accomplishment of government …

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Health Education

Some people maybe think that health education is an easy process that simply aims to spread health information through publications and the media. Health education is even more difficult. It aims to change and influence the behavior of healthy individuals. It is not only necessary for the dissemination of information to …

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Leech Therapy

Introduction The first medical use of leeches is thought to have taken place in ancient India in 1000 BC. The ancient Indians used leeches to treat a wide range of conditions including headache,  ear infections and hemorrhoid. In pre-scientific medicine, the medicinal leech was used to remove blood from a …

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Reality Shock in Nursing

New Graduate Nurses enter their first job as a Professional Nurse eager to being their new role! Many New Grads will orient to their new role with ease while some will struggle.  New Grads work with Nurse Preceptors to smooth the transition from Student Nurse to Professional Nurse.  In the beginning of this transition, excitement …

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Food poisoning

Food poisoning is a food that has been contaminated with germs and microbes’ virus or bacteria and occurs in large proportion in the summer, especially in children and causes high mortality and also in the pilgrimage season.  Causes of food poisoning  1 – leave food is uncovered for a long …

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