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Mental and psychiatric Health Branch publishes graduate research groups

The Mental and psychiatric Health Nursing Branch distributed research graduation projects groups for fourth grade students on Tuesday 9/10/2018 on the supervising professors of teaching the college and the various specialties in the scientific branches in the presence and supervision of the head of mental and psychiatric health branch Assistant Professor Dr. Murtada …

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tutor from the Faculty of Nursing Assistant Professor Dr. Zeinab Ali Hussein publishes scientific research

Assistant Professor Dr. Zeinab Ali Hussein, Head of the Department of Basic Sciences at the Faculty of Nursing, University of Kufa, published a scientific research entitled “Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Olive Leaf and Pomegranate flower Extracts in the viability of the protoscolices of echinococcus in the laboratory ” in …

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The Dean of the College of Nursing, Prof. Dr. Rajha Al-Kassar, publishes scientific research

Dean of the faculty of nursing . University of kufa published a scientific research titled ( evaluating of obstetric overlap of difficulty in the respiratory tract among obese patients undergoing recovery from general anesthesia after surgery ) in the india journal of pharmaceutical and technology researches , which is consedered …

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