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Dean’s word

The faculty of Nursing is one of the important colleges which was founded in 2006  and its importance comes as it seeks to develop the nursing profession in a way  that develops the skills and knowledge of students by providing the scientific and practical foundations using modern technology and used in the training of students.

The Faculty was able to develop the evening study in 2013-2014 and This year, the first batch will be graduating after the college graduated seven batches of morning study.

The faculty was keen to develop its graduates through the opening of graduate studies (Masters) in 2014-2015 and was able to graduate the first batch with of them with  to provide educational and health (hospitals) with advanced cadres that contribute to improving nursing education and nursing efficiency in a manner that keeps pace with scientific development.

The Faculty of Nursing continues to provide everything new such as the use of laboratories, the opening of modern classrooms, the use of modern teaching methods and new methods of research. The College will continue to be committed to achieving its objectives in the light of the mission and vision it has adopted to provide a new generation of nurses armed with the knowledge and skill necessary to perform its Work in all health and educational institutions.


Professor.Rajha Abdel-Hassan
The Dean