Adults Nursing


The Adults Health  Nursing Branch, Faculty of Nursing of the University of Kufa looking to assume the leadership position among all the different academic branches in the college and other debate colleges, and be able to compete with institutions of higher education of nursing at the regional and international level. 



The mission of the Adults Health Nursing Branch isan establishing the mainstays to study nursing at the university level through the provision of scientific material compatible with the modern concepts of nursing and scientific skills to prepare the qualified student to provide comprehensive nursing care in the institutions of the Ministry of Health based on the  acquired knowledge and skillsin nursing and to provide multiple educational experiences and growing scientific disciplines in line with the requirements of the labor markets with doing anadvanced scientific research, according to the research plan that occur annually.



  1. Applies analytical, organizational and interpretive skills based on a deeper and broader knowledge base, in the use of the nursing process in different care settings.
  2. Organize nursing care in a manner which recognizes the holistic and unique nature of the individual patient, family, and the community.
  3. Provides comprehensive and effective nursing care on the bases of treatment & prevention of illness as well as rehabilitation in primary, secondary, and tertiary health care setting.
  4. Establishes and maintains effective working and collaborative relationships with the patients, nurses, and other members of health care delivery system.
  5. Applies the research process and finding as evidence to solve health problems and improve nursing intervention.
  6. Demonstrates the capability to be self-directed and self-paced in carrying out activities to increase professional knowledge and skills.
  7. Adhere to the standard of professional nursing practice within legal, ethical and regulatory frameworks.
  8. Provide evidence based, clinically competent, contemporary care utilizing critical thinking and decision making within the framework of the nursing process.
  9. Act as change agent to promote quality improvement in the performance of nursing duties.


Assistant Lecturer

Mohammed Abdul Karim Mustafa


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