Department of Basic Medical Sciences


  • Department of Basic Medical Sciences seeks to reach the scientific leadership and excellence in the provision of services to the nursing profession and the various segments of society based on a solid scientific basis . 


  • Because of the importance of nursing in the field of health services and without successful and sophisticated nursing, any medical events medical and equivalents events will not succeed . Accordingly, there is an ambition for  preparing a qualified nursing staff to submit health services to the individual , the community and keep pace with developments in the use of means and modern techniques .
  •  The department aims to provide a nursing staff qualified scientifically and academically to provide health service,  nursing training and teaching skills of nursing university to create and graduate a nursing staff capable of meeting the needs of hospitals and health and educational institution  in the country up to reach the universally recognized equivalent ratios for number of nurses compared to the number of doctors .


The word of Branch`s head:

starting from the deep belief to the importance of nursing for the rise with the health situation the section goals to provide nursing cadre qualified scientifically and academically to provide nursing and health service, training and teaching nursing skills to create and graduate nursing cadre cater to hospitals needs,health and educational institutions in the country to reach on equal proportions that internationally recognized than the number of nurses in comparison the number of doctors.

In the end the section aims to prepare a generation of sons of the nation boast to belonging to this and to be able to promote the fact and take responsibility for building the new Iraq,that we seek to supplement with scientific and cultural renaissance in the world,finally I wish from God to help our students dear.





The objectives:

The overall objective of the branch:
The main objective of the department is to provide the society with nursing cadres competent to provide nursing care to the individual, family and society.

The Specific objectives:

1. the students acquire the knowledge and skill of basic medical sciences such as anatomy, physiology, medicine, chemistry, pathology, nutrition and others.

2. it creates the nursing staffs to be able to provide health services to the community.

3. it Prepares teaching and nursing cadres through the polarization of top ten graduates and to prepare them to teach in health institutions.

4. it Prepares nursing,specialist and experienced cader in the use of advanced medical technologies.





Ali Abdul-Zahra Mehdi

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