Pediatric Nursing


Pediatric Nursing discipline seeks to leadership and excellence in the provision of services to the nursing profession and the various segments of society based on solid scientific foundations.



Giving the nursing importance in the field of health Services .without Nursing, Successful Medical services do not succeed.

 To assist Students to Acquire Knowledge & Skills Needed for Providing Comprehensive Nursing care to newborn, Infant, Children and Adolescent.



The main objective is supplying the community with efficient nursing stuffs & provide nursing care to the individual , family and community .


Specific objectives : -

1 - students acquire knowledge and skill in Pediatric Nursing and provide care for the mother and child .

2 - create nursing staffs to be able to provide health services to the community.

3 - preparation of nursing faculty members by attracting the top ten of the graduates and prepare them for teaching & training in health institutions .

4 - Prepare specialist Pediatric nursing staff and experienced in use of advanced health technologies.



Welcome From the Chief of Department

Proceeding from deep faith in the importance of nursing to provide nursing stuff that qualified scientifically and academically to provide health service nurse, training and teaching skills to create and graduate nursing stuff to meet the needs of hospitals and health institutions.

The nursing profession respects human life and dignity and rights of the nursing profession and include everyone and not determined by the profession in any other consideration , such as differences of nationality, race , color , age, sex , political orientation or marital status . Pediatric Nursing Department  is also working on a scientific basis and trends to scientific research.

Ultimately Department of Pediatric Nursing  aims to prepare a generation of Professional nurses and provide health care for the mother and the child and the family , protection of the incidence of disease , maintaining public health , alleviate the suffering of patients and to be able to promote the reality and take responsibility for rebuilding new Iraq .

God bless All Nursing students .


Assistant Lecturer

Mohammed Baqir Hassan Al-Dakhil

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