Community Health Nursing


Community Health Nursing of theUniversityofKufalooks to assume a leading position among all the different academic departments in the college and the corresponding colleges and be able to compete with all institutions of higher education of nursing at the regional and international levels in the field of community health in disease prevention and health promotion.



Community Health Nursing is aimed to establish  the essential foundation for the study of nursing at the university level through the provision of scientific material compatible with the modern concepts of nursing and scientific skills to prepare the student has the motivation to look and continuous learning and qualified to provide comprehensive nursing care in various disciplines of community health for patients and healthy adults in hospitals and health centers and provide different educational experiences.



  • Teach students knowledge in community health nursing and health care delivery.
  • Teach students skills in nursing competence of community health nursing and health care and health promotion..
  • Confirm the skills acquired in the foundations of nursing
  • Develop the knowledge and skills of nursing students to keep pace with the evolution of nursing in the world.
  • Education student medical knowledge about the disease and ways to prevent and resolve health problems.



Welcome From the Chief of Department

Thisdepartment  was established since the College of Nursing was founded in 2006 and decided that the 2006-2007 school year is the first year for the initial start of the study. it is concerned with teaching materials community health nursing, epidemiology, nursing management, and topics in health care, politics, economics, nutrition, health promotion and medical sociology within the four grades.



Fatima Wanas Khudair 


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