The functions of the Division of Registration in Nursing Faculty,

the inclusion of the names of new students in the registration database in the Microsoft Excel and entering names and data on the follow-up program of fake students and sending them to the university for the purpose of audit.

• preparing lists of new students and those who are transferred to us and all acceptance channels and copying documents for the purpose of audit in the ministry.

• issuing administrative orders for new students if they are not registered and in case of the failure because of the absences and Lettering under...etc. .

• Follow up and responding the importing letters from the presidency of the university and scientific departments and the sections of the college for the work of the unit.

• promoting documents of nomination adjustment and hosting and transport inside and outside of Iraq and issuing administrative orders to do so.

• issuing statistics includes number of students in each department, levels and number of students transmitted , hosted and those of amended nomination to/from our college .

• publishing declarations for students of registration unit.

• providing students with confirmations to continuity in the study.

• Following up and checking the names of the fake students and those who are canceled and the correctly issued documents  by the Microsoft Excel program in the computer in special copybook.

• organizing and arranging the archive work in the department by opening new files according to titles of letters , incoming and issuing to us.

• Opening administrative files of students and auditing  periodically and in particular the fourth level and defining  if they are incorrect.

• providing students with IDs and badges  of entrance to the university and models of forms for students .

• filling grades form of a student by data and sending to the examination committee .

•  publishing advertisements for students of Archive unit and IDs .

• auditing and archiving scientific files and registration cards on courses for students .

• providing students with models of registration cards on the courses at the beginning of each course .

• auditing and following-up initial lists and issuing final lists for students registered in courses at the beginning of each course .

• Updating the database for registration in the courses .

• registration cards in courses and student clearance ... etc. in scientific files of a student.


Scheme illustrates the Registration special structural Division:



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