First International Conference about Displacement and Migration





First International Conference about  Displacement and Migration 

March 2-3/2016 Conference Recommendations               


University Of Kufa / Faculty Of Nursing  







                                  Conference Recommendations:

          According to  the emergency crises which faced Iraq by ISIS terrorism and ended in forced displacement  and immigration.

   Despite all the challenges and the lack of government financial allocations  Kufa Faculty of nursing too the initiative to hold the first international conference on displacement and immigration with partial financial support from some UN agencies  ( WHO,UNICEF,IOM,UNHCR,WFP ) some international organization(DRC and MSF ) and local  NGOs (Observer Center for Human rights and the General Secretariat of the Kufa mosque ).

Theme and objectives of the conference:

1-  The first Theme :

  1. Nomination of Health coordinator to address health issues and IDPS assess health needs of IDPs .
  2. Establishment of Health Cluster to arrange and coordinate efforts and optimal use of available resources by all stakeholders to provide high quality  health services and reduce the incidence and mortality communicable  diseases and other diseases through the formation of a working group on the health aspect consists of the Directorate General for Health and the faculty of Nursing and the representatives of the World Health Organization, UNICEF , MSF the International Cross and  Red Crescent and other organizations concerned  in health affairs.

This cluster meets periodically  to assess  health services provided and follow up on the health status of displaced persons, according to the following:

Preventive aspect

• Follow up vaccination  status of children and mothers of the displaced families and help in planning for following up defaulters.

•coordination with counterparts to update the number of families and individuals, and the number of displaced families returning to the liberated areas.

• coordination with the  provincial General Directorate for Health in the province to identify high risk groups them and people with communicable diseases and take preventive measures to control any outbreak diseases, and follow up patients with chronic diseases.

• coordination with the relevant authorities in securing and evaluating healthy housing for the displaced environment that includes safety conditions.

 Therapeutic aspect

• Coordinate with the health authorities in the provision of high quality health services.

• Follow up supply of drugs and medical supply for IDPs.

• Follow-up availability of laboratory tests and other diagnostic tools such as x-rays, ultrasound .

 C) Rehabilitative .

• Coordination with the Health Directorate in the province to facilitate the referral of patients to specialized medical centers.

2- The Educational Theme:

1 .Nomination of education coordinator.

2. Establishment  of Education Cluster concerned with the educational services for students displaced composed of the Directorate-General for Education and local and international stakeholders aspect of the education.

3. Help in upgrading schools for children for the purpose of completing their studies.

4 .Follow-up  all requirement of safe school environment .

5. Follow-up to the educational problems faced by children .

6 .follow up of provision of school supplies such as books, books, stationery and bags.


3- Social and psychological theme

Nomination of a coordinator in social and psychological theme

Establishment of Social and psychological Cluster concerned with social and psychological aspect and assisting the displaced families through the following:

1.Taking into consideration the recommendations and findings of academic research

2. Participation with the international organizations mentioned to conduct scientific research .

3. Participation in the establishment of workshops, symposia, seminars and conferences to follow and address all the emerging circumstances surrounding the IDPs.

4 .Diagnosis of psychiatric conditions that require treatment and referral to psychiatric clinics.

5. Follow-up to the requirements of people with special needs.


4-Media theme :

Nomination of a media coordinator on displacement and immigration

Establishment of MediaCluster from concerned stakeholders help in raising awareness about displacement crises and educating people in order to help integration of the displaced families with the local community and provide a decent livelihood until they return to their provinces of origin, and their cities.

5-Housing and shelter Theme  :

Nomination of a representative of the follow-up housing and sheltering displaced

Establishment of Housing and shelter Cluster to follow up housing and shelter of displaced people and  assessing the state of housing the displaced to  ensure adequate shelter for them and providing clean safe drinking water and basic life requirements.



6-Academic research:

    The conference recommends cooperation between Iraqi universities and international organizations in conducting academic research and surveys to address solutions to the problems and challenges facing the IDPs during displacement and after returning, which eventually will help in diagnoses and assessing the psychological and physical and mental health and educational needs.


         For the purpose of monitoring the implementation of the above recommendations a Central committee was established to follow up the implementation of the of the conference  recommendations and coordination with the relevant authorities of the UN agencies (WHO, UNICEF, the International Organization for Migration) and international organizations (MSF , ICRC, DRC ) and local organizations (Observer Center for Human rights and the General Secretariat of the Kufa Mosque and the holy shrines) in addition to the central and local government to provide Basic requirements for the displaced people.


Follow up Committee:  

  1. Dr. Rajiha Abdul Hassan Hamza     
  2. Dr. Fatima and people Khudair    
  3. Dr. Diyaa   Kareem Abd  Ali  
  4. Dr.  Ali Abdul-Zahra Mehdi  
  5. Dr. Zainab Hussain Ali
  6. Dr. Riyadh Kareem Abbood
  7. Dr. Murtada Ghanim Adday
  8. Representative of Displacement and migration Ministry , Najaf Branch 


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