• Unit of Studies, abroad.

    A - Unit of cultural relations:

    It is one of the units in the department and cultural relations in the College of Nursing and includes legation (mission) inside and outside of Iraq for the staff (personnel) of the college and distributed only between conferences, training courses, workshops and seminars.

    This legation is of scientific benefits for college and it will be individual or collective.

    The aim is to get (the ideas,  knowledge and  applications ) and it has benefit in the future at the college level , to which the delegates belongs.


    Tasks, Duties and conditions of the legation unit :

    1 – A delegate must fill in a form of scientific activities outside Iraq and form a differentiation.

    2 – A delegate must get an approval of the President of the Department and the dean on the mission.

    3 - Showing the legation to the Council of the College for approval.

    4 - Filling in the form of the legation after the return and sending it to the University.


    B - Unit of high studies abroad of Iraq :

    It is a one of missions and cultural relations and it include:

    1 – The scholarship program outside of Iraq to get Doctorate and Master degrees

    The most prominent tasks and activities undertaken by the unit of scholarships:

    A- Generalizing instructions of scholarships on the personnel of the college.

    B- Filling in the forms for applicants for the scholarship and sending them to the university.

    C- Organizing files of applicants with required documents (Study document, personal stuffs, letters of approval on the nomination from the college and a pledge form ... etc) sending a copy to the university and saving another in the college.

    2 – a Scientific vacation: it means that a teacher completing his research in his specialty. The duration will be a academic year or course.

     3 - Scholarship means the completion of a master's or doctorate study outside of Iraq. Required documents for nomination letter have following information: -

    (Name of the nominee, the career service, birth date , job title , summary of the service , a non-objection letter from the college)

    4 - Unit of permissions: it one of the missions and cultural relations in the college and its functions generalization of instructions on employees of the college.


    Activities Division missions and cultural relations :

    A workshop on how to apply the US FULBRIGHT, Unit of cultural and missions relations established a first workshop FULBRIGHT in the College of Nursing for the period and on how to apply for the scholarships granted by the U.S. government for students in the presence of the Dean Abdul-Kareem A. Mahmood and Scientific Assist. Dr. Kafi Nasser Mohammed al-Asadi and managerial Assist D. Durgham M. Hameed. The rich Information of Workshop was by Miss Ebtihal  Hamza Mohammed, the head of missions and cultural relations. She explained conditions of the student who wishes to apply and instructions that must be followed by the students when they apply and fill in the form.

    As well as Mr. Hussam Amir Abdul Majeed, the programmer in the unit of computers, Explained to students how to fill in the form to encourage them to apply and increase their culture .

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