Reliable and guaranteed assurance

Quality Plan and university accreditation in the College of Nursing

1 - Re- activation of the Council of Quality Assurance and holding periodical councils at the college for the academic year 2013-2014 .

2 – Diagnosing weaknesses and constraints in college in academic and administrative departments to define and avoid them before resuming their activities in the new academic year.

3 - Formation of the central committees of the college: -

• Scientific Committee

• Absences committee

• Committee of the educational guidance.

• Committee of the social solidarity.

• Committee of the electronic website.

• Committee of the health teaching and updating the curricula.

• Committee of the graduates' affairs.

• Commission of the students discipline


4 - Formation of sub-committees in the scientific departments:-

• Scientific committee

• Absences committee.

• Committee of assurance and quality.

• Committee of library references.

• Committee of practical training and graduation project.


And we will send periodic reports by the committees to the unit of quality.


5 - Mandating a representative of quality for the administrative department to follow the new management guide and all issues related to the quality in the college and send the monthly report to the unit of the quality.

6 - Re- activating the follow-up committee of academic accreditation organizations and the work team formed in 2011 - 2012 .


7 - Reshaping the organizational structure of the college. 


8 - Reviewing the vision, mission and objectives of the college.


9 – A strategic plan for the college.


10 – Preparing classrooms and providing display devices (data show), computers and providing the appropriate conditions for the study.


11 - Sending monthly reports on activities of the college to the quality department in the university.


12 - Disseminating principles and ethics of the nursing profession by putting panels placed in key places that any student can see and read.


13 – Students' opinions about the curriculum and measuring satisfaction with the educational programs and the quality of teaching and learning sources and the various services provided to them and make them aware by the comprehensive evaluation process for teachers


14 - Periodic visits to the Centers of people of special needs to enhance the college role in serving the community and reporting to the unit of quality assurance.


15 - Involving administrative staff and teaching in the courses contributing in developing the functional and scientific level of the college staff. And the making courses, seminars and workshops in the college to serve the society.


16 - Full description of the curriculum.


17 - Making periodic meetings for the department and reporting the reports of meetings minutes to the unit of Quality.


18 - making seminars in each scientific department and providing the unit of quality with a copy of them.


19 - Scientific researches to serve the society.


20 - Comprehensive report on the activities of the college and submit it to the website of the college


21 - Self-evaluation of the college. 


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