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Faculty of Nursing / University of Kufa held its First international conference
(Displacement and migration ... are a humanitarian and health crisis)

About Faculty



Faculty of Nursing is an Academy organization is based on scientific and professional principles able to simulations all the needs of society, including academic and service so it seeking to occupy the top seat between corresponding colleges and competing locally, regionally, and internationally.


Mission of the college is to train distinctive health staffs of high expertise and health potentials which are able to meet society needs and propose scientific researches to solve nursing problems in particular and those of society in general.



1- Provide the society with advanced nursing staff capable of implementing the vision and mission of the college.

2- Improve the nursing services provided in different segments of the community and according to the needs of each slice.

3- Consolidation of relations with all state institutions, especially higher education and health institutions in order to contribute to make an objective decision to resolve the problems of society.

4- Excellence in conducting scientific research.


The establishment of the Faculty of Nursing - University of Kufa as an educational institution The study started college in the academic year (2006 / 2007) . The system study, a four-year college classroom system (season 2 per year) and the college offers a master's degree in science and a bachelor's degree nursing . And meet the needs of society and the development of the scientific field of nursing has been the graduation of six batches. The establishment of the Quality Assurance Unit College in (2008) and got the overall quality award for the years 2009-2010. Between colleges and college university in 2014-2015 sequence is the fifth quality

The evolution of the overall size according to the number of admissions and the number of graduates and the volume of material and human resources and the expansion of the college began in Undergraduate initial number of students of (64) students in the academic year (2006) and then the number of students admitted in the college evolved until it reached the number of students academic year (2015-2014) is (161) admitted to the college and reached the total for the students so far (1020)
The number of faculty members has evolved since its inception until it reached in 2014-2015 to 23 faculty members.
 College of Nursing at the University of Kufa working very hard in order to achieve the strategic plan being one of the priorities that are constantly striving to achieve through the integrated analysis of the internal and external environment of the college and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses and future vision in regards to nursing education points. So there was a future plan for this ambitious young college combines reality and ambition that include mission and vision of the college. Although the plan took time but we managed to accomplish, and we started to work on the implementation of God We wish to reconcile. In conclusion Praise be to Allah, prayer and peace be upon the Messengers of God and the good guys and his companions Almentajabin.

Dr . Rajha A. Hamza 

Dean of the Faculty of Nursing 

University of Kufa



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