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The fact that zinc is effective in preventing the emerging coronavirus

Zinc is one of the essential elements for the body’s immune system to work, as it helps DNA to work properly and promote healthy growth of immunity from childhood, and the human body needs zinc to activate T-lymphocytes, which help control and regulate immune responses, as well as attack infected cells.
Zinc is concentrated in the strongest muscles and body systems, especially in white and red blood cells, the retina, skin, liver, kidneys, bones, pancreas, semen and prostate gland in men that also contain large amounts of zinc.
The human body contains more than 300 different enzymes, which require the presence of zinc in order for the body to operate in its full normal activities.
The average person needs 2-3 grams of zinc at any given time, knowing that zinc is excreted naturally in the human body by cells and organs, such as the salivary gland, prostate gland and pancreas.
Zinc is an essential component of a healthy immune system, and if a deficiency can make a person more susceptible to diseases, doctors may recommend zinc pills that have many benefits. Zinc is responsible for a number of functions in the human body, and helps stimulate the activity of at least 100 different enzymes.
Zinc deficiency can occur if there is not a sufficiently high consumption of food or supplements, so your doctor may suggest taking zinc pills that give your body the required zinc benefits.
There is no accurate information about the emerging corona until now, and scientists have not known ways to prevent this coronavirus except by applying social spacing, washing hands, as well as cleansing surfaces, but the spread of some rumors about the role and effectiveness of zinc in preventing corona, scientists stressed the importance of zinc with respect to Of the immune system, as well as after research into the old studies published on the SARS virus, according to “Drugs.com”.
SARS is one of the coronaviruses that the Corona virus belongs to the same family, and laboratory studies in 2010 showed that zinc inhibits the activity of the SARS virus, which reduces the chances of infection, and also reduces the severity of symptoms, and these results were recognized in the laboratory without being actually applied, As a corona that holds common traits with SARS theoretically it can give the same results, but this has not been proven.
There are hundreds of studies looking at the effectiveness of zinc against colds, and there is one theory that scientists have strongly supported is that zinc can prevent the cold virus from binding to cells inside the nasal mucosa and suppress inflammation, although there are conflicting results but it may be effective in some cases While sometimes it is less effective.
Strengthening immunity is the first weapon to confront diseases and epidemics in general. Therefore, it is necessary to meet the body’s daily needs of minerals and vitamins, which play a fundamental role in the ability of the immune system to continue its functions properly, such as copper, iron, zinc, and vitamins such as A, B12. , B6, C, D and others.
Assistant Professor Amal Sadoun Alebrahimi

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