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Covid-19 between awareness and a sense of responsibility

There is no human being but a matter has been entrusted to him who organizes and takes care of him. We are all shepherds, and we are all required to do charity and perform honesty. And betrayed the trust, he harmed himself and humanity and here the disaster and the great disaster.
Man has no freedom to choose his methods and methods and to act as he wishes. Because a person’s behavior as he wants, away from rationality and without awareness or thinking about those around him, leads to lawlessness, destruction of life and instability. Thus, the breakdown of social construction is an inevitable consequence of this division. Therefore, commitment to values, consideration of the public interest, and assigning tasks to each person according to their capabilities and area of ​​specialization will be the first step towards justice, building society and keeping it away from all causes of weakness and destruction. I did not find weakness such as lack of awareness and lack of a sense of responsibility, and I did not find defeatism and folly like not listening to people with experience and specialization in different areas of life.
Covid-19 The dreaded epidemic has begun to claim the lives of dozens of all segments of Iraqi society and is increasingly and frightening. What are we waiting for? To bring back the tragic scenes in China, Italy, and other countries that have witnessed an alarming and terrifying outbreak of the epidemic. We no longer have anything to do but adhere to the health advice and guidelines for prevention, confront the new Corona epidemic, and benefit from the experiences of the countries that preceded us in facing this epidemic in a way that ensures that all segments of society are not affected while taking into account the poor classes who depend on gaining their strength on a daily basis. Compassion and sympathy are attributes inherent to Iraqi society in all circumstances and crises, and every day we hear and see hundreds of situations that translate feelings of altruism, compassion and solidarity.
Finally, I can only say that the responsibility of every individual in society is to provide an environment suitable for all values ​​and principles, to improve the understanding of their content, to understand reality and to strive to improve it. The tireless and continuous work to correct any imbalance or deviation in the path in various aspects of life is the true approach to defending social life from collapse, as “you are all a shepherd and all of you are responsible for his own.”

Assistant Professor, Amal Saadoun Majeed

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