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A lecture at the College of Nursing publishes two scientific papers

The teaching faculty at our college, Assistant Professor Dr. Ahoud Radi, published two scientific papers in a journal within the Scopes and Scopes Q2 containers.
Where the first research dealt with the investigation of the bacteria that cause contamination of operating theaters in Al-Sadr Teaching Hospital, where the contamination of operating theaters is a major cause of hospital infection, and it is considered a risk factor for infection in operating wounds. It is also a reason for the delay in healing wounds, prolonging hospitalization, and thus increasing costs. It was published in a magazine within the Scopes container.

This research has found that the sterilization methods used are not effective in the operating theater rooms of Al-Sadr Teaching Hospital and this will expose patients to the risk of postoperative infection. Therefore, efforts should be made to ensure strict infection control practices in the operating room of Al-Sadr Teaching Hospital in the holy city of Najaf.
The second research, which is a review, was written with a group of Kufa University teaching staff and published in a journal within the Scopes Q2 containers.
In this review, the most important aspects of PCR technology have been highlighted, which help researchers clarify and reduce problems and difficulties that they may encounter in the laboratory work of any type of polymerase chain reaction techniques in general. This is because many genetic research is now It depends on studying the variables in the genetic material through different and varied methods of PCR.

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