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Lecturers in our college publish a joint research in an international journal

Lecturers at the College of Nursing, Assistant Prof. Muhammad Abdul Karim Mustafa, Lecturer Zahra Abd al-Abbas Taher, Assistant Lecturer Noura Farhan Hasan, Assistant Lecturer of Dua Abd al-Hadi AL-Fatlawi published research in an international journal, in which the research was addressed to assess risk factors of cholelithiasis for patients under  waiting surgery in al-najaf al-ashraf governorate hospitals, and to find out relationship between risk factorsrelatedcholelithiasis and patients’ demographic characteristics.Methodology:A descriptive study design (cross section) was carried out through the present study in order to achieve the early stated objectives. From period 25th of Dec 2018 to 20th of May 2019. A non-Probability (Purposive Sample) of (120) patient with whowere prepared to admitting to operation room for cholecystectomy. The study is conducted in Al-Najaf City/ Health Directorate of Al-Najaf AL-Ashraf/ AL- Sadder Medical City/ Operation Rooms. Data collected through using a questionnaire consisting of two parts:

(7) items, which included age, gender, level of education, residency, marital status, socio-economic status and occupational status part II: This part consists of (12) items,related to risk factors including family history of GS, past history of liver diseases, history of D.M., Smoking, Drinking Alcohol, Drinking Beverages Containing Caffeine, BMI, History of rapid weight loss, hyperlipidemia, pregnancy, daily activities and diet.Results: The study shows the most of the study sample with cholecystectomy (76.7%) are female sex within age group (31-40) years old most of them married, also A significant relationship (p<0.05)between age and DM history and diet. A significant relationship (p<0.05) between gender and each of smoking, drinking alcohol, DM history, pregnancy and daily activities Conclusion: Generally, the study confirms that increasing age, obesity, diabetes mellitus, smoking and diet, are major risk factors of gallstone disease.

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