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The College of Nursing holds a seminar

A symposium was held at the College of Nursing at the University of Kufa, Mental and Mental Health Nursing Branch, entitled (Child Labor in Iraq: Causes and Solutions).
Under the patronage of the President of the University of Kufa, Prof. Yasser Lafta Hassoun, under the supervision of the Dean of the College of Nursing, Prof.Dr. Rajiha Abdel Hassan, who was lectured by both Prof. Dr. Mohammed Baqer Hassan, MD. Virgin Mahdi Hussein, m. Dhafer Amin Jabbar.
The symposium aimed at child labor in Iraq, a social phenomenon dangerous to childhood, and the state and the ministries of state must strive to combat and reduce this phenomenon, especially the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, as it is a flagrant violation of the child’s civil, social, health and educational rights. Encouraging children and parents from poor families in popular neighborhoods to attend schools, as it is the natural place for children under the age of 15 years. Tightening the oversight role of the state, especially the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, on the private sector, shops and commercial centers in Iraq, setting penalties for violators of children’s rights, and strengthening and activating laws. Discovering the latent energies of children and investing them in education and developing their talents and abilities. Holding health, development and awareness seminars for various segments of society, especially the poor popular areas. Issuing research and awareness-raising and educational studies targeting the poor groups in society in order to educate and develop it. Opening educational and literacy centers in the various governorates of Iraq to get rid of ignorance and advance the Iraqi individual. Improving the standard of living of Iraqi families, especially those living below the poverty line, by strengthening the social protection network, increasing care salaries, providing job opportunities for fathers and mothers, and eliminating unemployment, which is a major reason for the spread of this phenomenon.

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