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The College of Nursing holds a major awareness campaign about (hemorrhagic fever)

The College of Nursing at the University of Kufa, in cooperation with the Al-Fajr Foundation for Development and under the direct supervision of the Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Dr. Zainab Ali Hussein, held a major awareness campaign entitled (hemorrhagic fever) due to the emergence of indicators of this dangerous disease and the importance of this topic. The campaign allocated publications to students and employees of the university In all colleges that included a definition of the disease and its symptoms, which is a virus that is transmitted from animal to human through a tick bite or direct contact with the blood and tissues of infected animals during or immediately after slaughter, where the symptoms associated with this disease are (Increase in body temperature with general transformation, Nausea, vomiting and general pain throughout the body, Sometimes this fever may be accompanied by bleeding from the mouth, eyes or ears, and sometimes this bleeding is in the internal organs or under the skin and after four or five days, pimples and marks appear under the skin).

The campaign also included a definition of guidelines, directions and attention to hygiene with a brief review of how the disease is transmitted, the bite of a monkey infected with the virus, rodents or bats, contact with blood or tissues of infected animals, exposure to the blood or tissues of an infected person, sharing needles used to inject drugs through a vein, Working in areas infested with mice, and prevention of (hemorrhagic fever) Paying attention to washing hands regularly, using insecticides to eliminate ticks, avoiding all non-sterile animal products such as frankincense, cooking meat well and safely disposing of the waste from its preparation before cooking, avoiding contact with blood or Other body fluids of infected persons or infected animals and the use of personal protective equipment (gloves, goggles or protective mask, protective suit) when handling animals or when slaughtering.

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