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The College of Nursing is discussing a master’s thesis

At the College of Nursing at the University of Kufa, a master’s thesis was discussed by the student (Amir Waheed Muhammad) entitled (The effect of an educational program on mothers’ knowledge about children’s vaccinations in primary health centers in the city of Najaf).
Vaccines are very important for children; Because their immune system is weak at this stage, and since routine vaccinations protect children from infection with many diseases that may sometimes be fatal, it was necessary for the mother to know this in order to protect her child and maintain his safety through general knowledge of what vaccines are, their side effects and their scheduled dates. A quasi-experimental study was conducted for the period from October 20, 2021 to May 9, 2022,
The study sample included a non-probability purposeful sample with the aim of evaluating the effectiveness of an educational program in improving knowledge about vaccinations among mothers in primary health care centers in the city of Najaf, and in total (60) mothers participated.
The study concluded that the educational program was effective in enhancing mothers’ knowledge regarding children’s vaccinations. In addition, it is useful to conduct such programs in order to increase mothers’ knowledge of the dangers of abandoning and neglecting vaccines. The study recommended further modification and application of the current program in the future, in addition to the need to educate mothers on the subject of child vaccinations. for mothers.

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