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The College of Nursing is discussing a master’s thesis

At the College of Nursing at the University of Kufa, the public discussion of the master’s thesis of the student (Dhikra Abdul-Kadhim Abdul-Hussein) entitled (The Effectiveness of the Guidance Program on Pregnant Women’s Knowledge about Postpartum Infections in Najaf) took place. Postpartum is the leading cause of maternal mortality and morbidity worldwide. However, this period receives less attention compared to pregnancy and childbirth. A woman may neglect her health during this time, and this leads to many negative consequences due to the lack of knowledge of preventive measures. This study aims to assess the knowledge of virgin pregnant women about puerperal infections and to determine the effectiveness of the educational program among pregnant women who visit primary health care centers in Najaf. Raising awareness for both nursing staff as well as pregnant women in the postpartum period and promoting hygienic practices.

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