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Pediatric Nursing Branch meets with faculty members

The Pediatric Nursing Branch at the College of Nursing at the University of Kufa held its first
meeting under the chairmanship of Dr. (Mohammed Baqir Hassan) and Dr. (Wamid Hamed
Shaker) and in the presence of all the faculty members of the branch. the following
paragraphs :
Emphasis on adherence to the directives of the chancellor and the Dean of the College of
Nursing. Commitment to the official working hours of the teaching and technical staff in the
branch. Preparation for the first semester in terms of preparing the formation of
subcommittees and updating the scientific plan. Discussing the need to publish scientific
research in thoughtful international magazines that benefit the teaching. Achievement to
improve the quality of the branch Urging the teaching staff to participate in courses,
conferences and workshops inside and outside the college as a lecturer and attendance in
agreement with the Continuing Education Unit
Distribution of theoretical materials to teachers in the branch of preliminary studies and
graduate studies Emphasis on updating a special model that clarifies the administrative tasks
of teachers and technicians in Branch
Urging the follow-up of the official books daily, taking into account the answer to them as
quickly as possible. At the conclusion of the meeting, it was emphasized the need to pay
attention to the site of each teacher effectively for the purpose of uploading video and
educational lectures later to students and updating an electronic database for teachers
(including CV with published, planned and completed research and scientific articles for each
Teaching) as well as preparing the weekly study schedule in preparation for the new school

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