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The College of Nursing is discussing a master”s thesis

At the College of Nursing at the University of Kufa, a master’s thesis was discussed by the student
(Ruqaiya Salam Qasim) tagged (the effectiveness of the educational program in nurses’ knowledge
towards documentation in the city of Najaf).
Nursing care is one of the most important aspects of patient care and in nursing care, documentation is
one of the most important aspects. In many developing countries, there are still problems with nursing
documentation. It is believed that the education of nurses will increase their efficiency in recording
documents. Objective: The purpose of this study is to use the educational program as a means to improve nurses'documentation knowledge.
METHODOLOGY: A quasi-experimental design was adopted to assess the effectiveness of an educational
program on nursing documentation on nurses' knowledge. The five teaching hospitals were selected in
the city of Najaf in Iraq during the period from October 21, 2021 to August 22, 2022. The purposeful
sampling technique was adopted and 60 nurses volunteered.
Results: The results indicated that most of the study participants in both groups (study group and
control group) had a low level of knowledge regarding nursing documentation. However, after the
introduction of an educational program, the level of knowledge of the nurses increased. Regarding the
scores related to the correlations between the data after the test and the demographic data, the current
study reveals that there is no statistically significant relationship between the demographic variables
(age, gender, marital status, education level, years of services and training courses) and the nurses’
knowledge of the study group after applying the program. Conclusion: There was a statistically significant improvement in the total level of nurses' documentation knowledge during the post-program and follow-up phase compared to the pre-program phase. Recommendations: Encouraging the activation of the Continuing Nursing Education Unit to provide
documentation-related educational courses in all hospital departments. It is also proposed to put in
place a system to track and monitor how nurses apply nursing documents, as well as provide feedback
to those who have encountered difficulties.

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