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The College of Nursing holds a panel discussion

A seminar was held in the College of Nursing at the University of Kufa / Maternal and Newborn Health Nursing Branch, a panel discussion entitled “Modern Methods for Treating Infertility”, in which both Dr. Zainab Nemat Gomaa and Eng. Maha Salah Razak), and the panel discussion included OVOSKILL technology, which is a modern technology that aims to treat infertility and early menopause in women through the use of autologous stem cells extracted from the adipose tissue of the same person. Treatment of infertility with stem cells helps the ovary to restore its functions and promote the production of immature eggs again. Some studies and scientific research have proven the effectiveness of mesenchymal stem cells to improve both the size of the ovary and the thickness of the endometrium, in addition to enhancing blood flow in the uterine wall. Advantages of stem cell infertility treatment: Effective and safe treatment. Numerous studies have proven the effectiveness of using stem cells in treating infertility in women and improving ovarian function and its ability to ovulate. Painless treatment, this technique is characterized by being painless and often performed in the outpatient clinics of the Institute of Biosciences simply and easily. Low probability of side effects. This technique is characterized by being safe because it uses the cells of the same person, thus reducing the possibility of immune stimulation in the body. High therapeutic index ratio, which is the ratio between the maximum harmless dose and the effective dose. The therapeutic index in the case of using stem cells reaches 63% , while it reaches 27% in the case of other methods. Stem cell injections are performed in an easy and simple way in the outpatient clinics of the Institute of Biosciences in Dubai, and the following are the steps for performing stem cell injections. Fat aspiration, 20 cubic centimeters of fat is collected during a simple (quick and painless) procedure in the outpatient department. Extraction and stretching. A specialized team in the laboratories extracts stem cells from the person’s own fat that was withdrawn in a previous procedure. Over a period of approximately two to three weeks, the extracted cells expand, and the laboratory produces approximately 10 tubes of stem cells containing millions of cells. These cells are used in the treatment, while the remaining amount is kept in designated places for future use. In the final stage of OVOSKILL treatment, the doctor in the clinic or specialized center injects the expanded stem cells directly into the ovaries. Subsequently, these cells release specific growth factors and anti-inflammatory molecules, which promote the maturation of ovarian follicles and the production of cells regulating ovarian and vascular function, reduce cell death and give an antifibrotic effect. Freezing and Preservation: Tubes not used in treatment are kept in cold places for at least two years, at the patient’s request, to ensure future use in the field of regenerative medicine.

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