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My teacher in our college publishes an article

Addiction in adolescents
When it comes to teen addiction, there are many factors that contribute to addiction
contribute to this complex problem. Addiction in adolescents may be due to genetic or environmental factors
Psychological, or a combination of these factors together. I will give you a short article that highlights some of these
Potential factors and effects of addiction in adolescents.
As adolescents they become exposed to many biological and psychological challenges and changes
And social, addiction can be one of the risky behaviors that they resort to to deal with
these pressures. Teens tend to experiment with different behaviors and substances, and they may be more vulnerable
To develop addiction as a result of late brain formation and maturation.
A potential environmental factor that increases the risk of addiction in adolescents is exposure
To peers who use drugs or alcohol, and experience violence, physical abuse, or
Emotional, lack of a supportive family environment or lack of parental control. In addition, affect
Psychological factors such as anxiety, depression, lack of social communication, and lack of self-confidence are also on the side
The possibility of addiction.
The impact of addiction on teens can be devastating. Addictive behavior can negatively affect
Students’ academic performance and school success.
Addiction also affects the mental and physical health of teens. They may have problems
concentration and memory, a deterioration in academic performance, and an increase in behavioral problems and aggressiveness. may suffer
Also from physical health problems such as a weak immune system, breathing problems, and heart disease.
However, we must understand that addiction in teens is not a foregone conclusion. There are steps
It can be taken to prevent and treat addiction. It is necessary to educate about the dangers of addiction and to provide
Awareness programs in schools and communities. Strong family relationships should also be fostered and support fostered
adolescent social. Counseling and psychotherapy can be for adolescents affected by addiction
Effective tools to help them overcome this problem.
In general, we must deal with the issue of addiction in adolescents in a holistic manner that includes awareness
Education, prevention and treatment. A supportive environment and resources must be available to adolescents with ADHD
addiction, so that they can get the support needed to achieve recovery and live a healthy and stable life.
Written by Dr. Mansour Abdullah Falah

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