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My teacher in our college publishes an article

Artificial intelligence and its role in the advancement of education

Artificial intelligence is among the issues that occupy all social and economic sectors
Including the field of education.
Artificial intelligence is one of the most important emerging technologies that have a significant impact on the system
Education, as education has given enormous potential for social good and achieving the goals of sustainable development
This requires policy actions at the system level and how policies are developed to support education
Enhanced with artificial intelligence technologies. Artificial intelligence tools make it possible
Access to learning for all students anytime, anywhere.
Artificial intelligence also has an important role in radical change in the field of education. We will see a revolution
It includes educational tools, ways of learning and benefiting from knowledge, and the process of preparing teachers.
Artificial intelligence can help accelerate the process of achieving global education goals
By reducing barriers to learning, automating administrative procedures, and better availability
Ways to improve learning outcomes.
Advantages of using artificial intelligence in education
In general, classrooms and lecture halls in universities are expected to move
Close from the traditional framework of learning to the use of a combination of robotics and tailored artificial intelligence
As needed. A large and increasing percentage of students will benefit from the use of robots
With continuity and flexibility, teachers will also benefit from artificial intelligence techniques to the same degree.
The advantages of using artificial intelligence in education are concentrated in the following:
– Artificial intelligence contributes to helping teachers and lecturers by liberating them from work
Offices that often consume a large part of their time, where artificial intelligence can be used

In automating most mundane tasks including administrative work, classifying papers and assessing learning styles
In schools, answering general questions and other typical administrative tasks.
– Artificial intelligence applications update curricula automatically and quickly in light of
The information explosion and the steady cognitive development that reached the level of validity
The knowledge and sciences that one will learn in the future will be limited to only five years
Developing scientific methods and printing specialized books was a long and complex process
It itself is 5 years old, artificial intelligence techniques are able to extract knowledge
And the required skills at a specific time, and thus automatically update the lessons and present them to the student
In a way that suits his needs and capabilities.
– Artificial intelligence technologies can provide the needed support for the student outside the classroom
school, students who learn basic principles in reading, science and mathematics
And other sciences they depend mainly on the explanation from their teachers and parents to understand these foundations
And the rules, and since the time of the teachers and the parents is tight, this puts a lot of pressure on the students
Different parties and the result may not be satisfactory. As for when the smart assistant is available
The full-time student, who can know the student’s abilities, strengths and weaknesses, and topics
in which he suffers from a lack of understanding or a lack of information, then he can adapt
The scientific material, or even the entire educational process, in a way that suits the capabilities of the individual, so he provides assistance
required and the necessary support at the specified time and in the appropriate form for each individual student. and on
On this basis, the results are supposed to be more positive when each student has a hatred
Regardless of material capabilities, geographical location, or mental abilities, what a teacher is like
Available anytime and anywhere.
Just as artificial intelligence can personalize educational courses for students, so can the same thing
The same for teachers by analyzing students’ learning abilities and their educational history and intelligence can
Artificial that gives teachers a clear picture of the topics and lessons that must be repeated
Evaluated and this analysis allows the development of the best educational program for students. As can teachers
Professors, by analyzing the specific needs of each student, will adjust their courses to address the gaps
The most common knowledge or areas of challenge before the student lags far behind his peers.
There are several tools used in artificial intelligence:
Artificial intelligence tools are robots that are able to perform the tasks assigned to them effectively using
Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, and help increase productivity in various fields, such as:
Marketing, content creation, design and programming, and contribute to improving the level of education
And increase its efficiency, and among the best tools of artificial intelligence:

1. ChatGPT       2. Microsoft’s Bing Chatgpt           3. You Chat         4. ChatSonic       5. Socratic By Google       6. GuinRank                    7. Jasper AI       8. DALL-E 2 .      9. Deep Dream Generator     10. Designs.ai            11. AutoDraw            12. eyes visuals. design   13. Codiga                 14. GitHub Copilot

Written by Dr. Muhammad Hakim

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