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Drugs: a warning of latent danger

Drugs: a warning of latent danger

Drugs are a sensitive and complex issue that greatly affects communities all over the world. Statistics indicate that drugs are widely and continuously used by many individuals, regardless of their gender or age. Unfortunately, drug abuse has serious negative effects on the physical and mental health of the user.

Drug types:

Drugs fall into several categories, including:

Opioid drugs: such as heroin and morphine.

Stimulants: such as cocaine and methamphetamine (pills).

Hashish: derived from the hemp plant also known as marijuana.

Hallucinations: such as laser acid and sodium (avocado).

drug effects:

Drugs cause many serious effects on the carrier, including:

Psychotropic effect: The drug may lead to severe mental disorders such as hallucinations, depression, and anxiety.

Health effect: The drug user is exposed to health problems such as a weak immune system, shortness of breath, anxiety and emotional imbalance.

Dependence: Drugs can lead to addiction and mental and physical dependence, affecting a person’s life, relationships, and job performance.

Ways to combat drugs:

To address this serious challenge, there are steps that can be taken:

Awareness: On a personal and collective level, people must be made aware of the dangers of drug use and its effects on health and life.

Community support: Programs and projects should be provided that support the community and provide alternative opportunities and activities that contribute to achieving social immunization.

Strict Legislation: We are interested in strengthening legislation to combat drug trafficking and severely punishing drug dealers and traffickers.


In the end, we must realize that drugs represent a great danger to the individual and society alike. We must all work together to combat this phenomenon through awareness, legislation and support for affected communities. Through our joint efforts, we can eradicate the phenomenon and build healthier and more prosperous societies.

Written by Bahaa Al-Hamdani

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