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The College of Nursing is conducting a master’s thesis defense

The Master’s thesis by the student (Runaq Hussein Jahil) was discussed at the College of Nursing at the University of Kufa, entitled (Parenting and mothering styles and their relationship to the development of adolescents’ personal identity: a comparative study). Adolescence is considered a critical period for children’s development, and parenting styles have a profound impact on the development of their personal identity. Therefore, parenting style is a psychological construct that represents the common methods that parents use to raise their children. This study aims to determine the relationship between parenting styles and adolescents’ personal identity development. To achieve the research objectives, two research designs were used, a comparative and descriptive design, to find the difference between the genders in adolescent identity development. A descriptive correlation design was also used to determine the direction and strength of the relationship between the dependent variable (adolescent personal identity development) and the independent variable (parenting styles). To obtain a representative sample, a simple random sampling method was used. Total number of samples = 259, (124 males and 135 females) . Their ages range between 12 and 19 years. To achieve the objectives of the study, two different measures of parenting styles (38-item scale and 25-item identity development scale) were used. The results indicate that (50.2%). He had positive identity development. In addition, there is no statistical difference between male and female adolescents regarding the development of their personal identity. Only a statistically significant relationship was found between parenting styles and adolescents’ personal identity development (r = 0.169, P = 0.007). In conclusion, identity is the product of the interactions and transactions of a person’s context; The ways in which parents raise their children and shape their children’s identity are dynamically interconnected. Therefore, a guideline for culturally congruent parenting methods must be developed to maintain positive personal identity development.

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