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Department of Maternal and Neonatal Health Nursing


Maternal and neonatal health nursing department is one of the distinguished scientific department in graduation of qualified nurses who are able to provide qualified health nursing services based on principles and theories of maternal and neonatal practice.


The Maternal and Neonatal Health Nursing Department primary mission is to provide a continuum of comprehensive educational program in the area of specialty which prepares student nurses and provides opportunities for continuing education and training that enhances the development of scientific and practical skills, which reflect on the women health during the maternity cycle. We wish to be the best at the local and global level by providing nursing students with the necessary knowledge and training in maternal and child health nursing to prepare them to provide safe health services and meet the needs of the local community.


1.To provide nursing students with a scientific and academic qualification and nursing skills in maternal and neonatal health nursing.

2.To equipped students with knowledge and skills in maternal and neonatal health nursing through theoretical materials and evidence based practice.

3.To enable nurses in provision of maternal &neonatal nursing health services at specialized and general health facilities.

4.To conduct scientific researches in the field of maternal and neonatal health nursing and help in the development nursing services.

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The research plan of the branch for the academic year 2018-2019

First: Preliminary research

*  Pre- Menopause Womens Awareness Regarding Menopause Mediated Problems.
*  Assessment of Patient Satisfaction toward Health Care Services Provided at Maternity Ward at AL- Zahraa Teaching Hospital.

Second: Graduate Research

*  Effectiveness of Instructional Program on Women, s Knowledge about Self- Care Management after In Vitro Fertilization in Al- Najaf City.
*  Effect of vitamin C supplement on estrogen level and symptoms at pre-menopausal women.

Third: General Research

*  Assessment Of Mothers Knowledge About Danger Signs Of Pregnancy In Al-Najaf City.

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