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Department of Community Health Nursing


The vision of the Department of Community Health Nursing is to provide the graduate nurses with the knowledge and experience necessary to be recognized as the premier leader in Community/Public Health and to positively impact local to global population health.


The mission of the Department of Community Health Nursing is to achieve excellence in teaching and learning in the area of community nursing through developing and executing strong educational programs and research activities; ultimately leading to the enhanced health care services to reach all community members.


1.know quality education to the students in the field of public health.

2.Prepare the students to become nursing leaders and efficient professional nurses in community settings.

3.Emphasize the importance of health education in both communities for preparing professional nurses to increase the individual, family and community awareness towards achieving self-care.

4.Collaborate with public and private organizations in meeting the health needs of the community.

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The research plan of the branch for the academic year 2018-2019

First: Preliminary research

*  Evaluation of Employers to Nursing Educational Program.
*  Academic Stress Among Nursing Students.
*  Effect of Burnout on Healthy Lifestyle among Nursing Staffs in Hospitals.
*  Attitudes of Employee Women toward Physical Fitness in University of Kufa.
*  Evaluation of Graduates and Employer’s Satisfaction in Baccalaureate degree of Science in Nursing Curriculum.
*  Assessment of the Student Preference in Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic learning Styles at Kufa Nursing Faculty.
*  Socio demographic Profile Associated with Pregnancy Outcome among Adolescents in Najaf City.

Second: Graduate Research

*  Knowledge and Attitudes of Undergraduate University Students towards Sexual Transmitted Diseases.
*  A study of Violence Against Health care Workers in Emergency Units of Al-Najaf City.
*  Associated Factors Contributed to Hinder Early Detection of Breast Cancer among Women in Oncology Center in Al-Najaf City.
* Outpatients’ Attendants Knowledge Regarding Antibiotics Use and Antibiotics Resistance in Al-Najaf City Health Institutions.  
*  A Survey of Determination the Level of Antenatal Health Care Utilization in Primary Health Care Centers in Al-Diwaniyah City.

Third: General Research

*  Attitudes of Male Students toward Women Violence at University of Kufa.
*  Knowledge and Attitudes of Women in Reproductive Age about Family Planning.

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