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Department of Mental and psychiatric health nursing


Mental and psychiatric health nursing of the university of kufa looks to assume leading position among of the different academic departments in the college and corresponding colleges and be able to compete with all institutions of higher education of nursing at the regional and international levels in strategies and rules that release energies and adaptation abilities and change in human to deals with psychiatric and mental challenges.


Mental and psychiatric health nursing to provide the students with the knowledge and background information of the various theories that explain human behavior in order to have the ability to distinguish between appropriate behavior and inappropriate behavior of others and all forms needed in practice to deal with psychological problems in psy1.


1.Discuss the trends, foundations, and concepts of mental health nursing.

2.Identify the community based nursing care (mental health promotion and mental illness prevention.)3-Describe the ethical and legal issues in nursing.

3.Identify the mental health nursing theories.

4.Implement therapeutic communication and interpersonal relationship.

5.Apply the nursing process in providing the nursing care for the client.

6.Identify and assist in providing special treatment modalities.

7.Describe different types of psychiatric disorders.

8.Recognize client behaviors and problems.

9.Assess the mental health statues of client.

10.Chang the students attitudes toward mental health and mental illness nursing.

11.Appraise the nurse’s role in the community mental health nursing.

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The research plan of the branch for the academic year 2018-2019

First: Preliminary research

  Depressive symptoms among over weight students at university of kufa.
*  Prevalence of disruptive behavior disorder among school children in Najaf province.
*  The impact sleep quality upon academic performance among nursing collage student.
*  Effect of burnout on healthy life style among nursing staffs in hospitals.
*  Academic stress among nursing students at university of kufa.

Second: Graduate Research

*  Assessment factors  Coping Mechanisms among Patients with Heart Disease.
*  Psychosocial Burdens among Caregivers of Children with Nephrotic Syndrome in Al-Najaf City.
*  Effectiveness of cognitive behavior therapy on patients with asthma in reducing an acute asthmatic attack .
*  Effect of sensory perceptual informational program on patient’s anxiety levels before cardiac catheterization .
* Prevalence of children with distraptive behavioral disorders.

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