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Department of Adults Nursing


The Adult Nursing Branch at the Faculty of Nursing of Kufa University is looking forward to reach a leading position between all the different scientific departments in the Faculty and the corresponding faculties, and to be able to compete the institutions of higher education for nursing at the local, regional and international levels.


The aims of Adult Nursing Branch’s Message is mooring the basic pillars of the nursing study at the university level through the provision of scientific material in line with modern concepts of nursing and scientific skills to prepare a qualified student to provide comprehensive nursing care in the institutions of the Ministry of Health for various cases related to adult nursing and provide a various learning experiences in scientific specialties in line with the requirements of the Business Markets with Conducting advanced scientific research according to the annual research plan and also according to the need of educational and service institutions.


1.Application of organizational explanatory and analytical skills based on a comprehensive knowledge depth in the use of the nursing process in a various places that providing nursing care.

2.Organizing the nursing process in a way that determines the individual and total nature of the patient, family and community.

3.Provide comprehensive and effective nursing care based on the rules of treatment and prevention of diseases as well as rehabilitation with places to provide nursing care.

4.Establishment and maintenance of effective work and cooperative relations with the patient and nurses and other members of the health team.

5.Apply the research process and results as a guide to solving health problems and set the nursing procedures.

6.The use of methods of analysis, installation and critical thinking in the educational process of the branch as well as preparing students to apply in the workplace.

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The research plan of the branch for the academic year 2018-2019

First: Preliminary research

*  Evaluation of Health Education Provided for Patients in Surgical Units: Patients’ Perspective .
*  Relationship between Smoking and Blood Pressure among University Students.
*  Assessment of Low Back Pain among Nursing Staff at Al-Sadder Medical City.
*  Knowledge of Students Toward Breast Cancer.
*  Assessment of Quality Of Life of Patients with Epilepsy in Middle Euphrates Neuroscience Center in Al-Najaf City.

Second: Graduate Research

*  The Link between Locus of Control and Patients’ Adherence to Medication after COPD.
*  Factors Affecting Self-Care Behaviors among Patients with Heart Failure.
*  Effect of Preoperative Breathing Exercise on Postoperative Patients Lung Function.
* Effectiveness of nursing instructional programs on patient’s knowledge regarding self management after ischemic heart disease.
* Effect of pain management instructions program on the intensity of pain among postoperative patients.
* Effectiveness of educational program on nurses’ knowledge regarding pre and post operative nursing management.
*  Effectiveness of educational program on nurses’ knowledge toward preventing female catheter -associated urinary tract infection.

Third: General Research

*  Comparing Different Nursing Curricula in Preparing Competent Graduates.
*  Effect of Students’- Bsed Learning and Teachers’- Based Learning on Students’ Understanding.
*  Functional Status in Patient with Pulmonary Tuberculosis.
*  Factors Affecting Internally Displaced Persons Return to their Cities.
*  Assessment of Nurses Knowledge Regarding Care of Patients undergoing Hemodialysis.
*  Nursing collegian satisfaction toward clinical courses
*  Evaluation of nurse’s performance regarding intravenous cannulation at  Al -Najaf Al-ashraf teaching hospital

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