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Department of Pediatric Nursing


Pediatric nursing department lead provision  of  pediatric nursing care  based on graduation of qualified  nurses able to provide health service and to inform the students with the most basic principles and theories in pediatric nursing practice.


In view of the importance of nursing in the field of health services and without successful and advanced nursing, the success of medical events and other similar activities will not be successful, commensurate with this ambition in preparing a qualified nursing staff in providing health services to the individual and society. A nursing staff qualified scientifically and academically to provide the nursing health service and training and teaching nursing nursing skills to prepare and graduate nursing staff to meet the needs of hospitals and educational health institutions in the country to reach the equal rates recognized by Mia from a number of nurses compared to the number of doctors.


1.To provide nursing students with a scientific and academic qualification and nursing skills that fulfill needs of  nursing   health services.                                 .

2.To equipped students with knowledge and skill in pediatric nursing through theoretical and practical materials that are provided by lectures workshop, seminars and clinical training sessions.

3.To enable nurses to provide nursing health services at health facilities.

4.To conduct scientific researches in the field of pediatric nursing which help in the development nursing services.

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The research plan of the branch for the academic year 2018-2019

First: Preliminary research

*  Psychological Aspects In Children With Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus In AL-Najaf City.
*  Assessment Of School Phobia Among Primary School Students In AL-Najaf City.
*  Impact Of Parents Neglect Upon Teenage Sons Behavior In Secondary Schools At Al-Najaf AL-Ashraf
*  Evaluation Of Health- Related Quality Of Life Among Children With Major Thalassemia In AL- Najaf Governorate.
*  Assessment Of Nurses Knowledge Toward Neonatal Resuscitation In The Delivery Rooms.
*  Impact Of Divorces Upon Children Aggressive Behavior At Intermediate Schools In AL-Najaf City.
*  Effectiveness Of Education Program About Teachers Knowledge Regarding Chicken Disease At AL- Najaf City.

Second: Graduate Research

*  Factors Effect On Low Birth Weight Of Neonatal In Al- Najaf City.

Third: General Research

*  Effect Of Eye Glasses Wear On The Body Image Among School Age Children.

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