Academic staff articles

A lecturer at our college publishes a review article on the three-component chemical reactions in an international journal

Assistant prof. Dr. Amal Saadoun Majeed has published a review article on the three-component chemical reactions in the International Journal of Science and Technology. It is known that this type of reaction is of great importance in preparing compounds that have a great role in the biological, chemical and pharmaceutical …

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Soil-borne helminth infection

Key facts • soil-borne helminth infections are caused by various types of helminths It is transmitted by eggs in human feces, which pollutes the soil in areas with poor sanitation Nearly 2 billion people are infected with soil-transmitted helminths worldwide • Infected children suffer from physical, nutritional and cognitive impairment …

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Internet speed

Internet speed has recently become the focus of attention for Web users dramatically, as the demand for high-speed Internet lines and a large download capacity to enjoy the Internet without problems or interruption. An Internet measurement is meant to examine the speed of the Internet used, that is, the ability …

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Sources of socialization

1.  The family: –   Children are born into families, and it is within the family context that they obtain their first exposure to the values, norms, beliefs and knowledge characteristics of their society. Parents significantly affect their children’s outlook on such wide-ranging issues as gender role identify, alcohol and drug …

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Is the process by which a person becomes a social being, learning the necessary culture content and behavior in order to become a member of a group or society. The person learn the meaning of the activities which are shared by the group or society, through any socialization we become …

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