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Reality Shock in Nursing

New Graduate Nurses enter their first job as a Professional Nurse eager to being their new role! Many New Grads will orient to their new role with ease while some will struggle.  New Grads work with Nurse Preceptors to smooth the transition from Student Nurse to Professional Nurse.  In the beginning of this transition, excitement …

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Food poisoning

Food poisoning is a food that has been contaminated with germs and microbes’ virus or bacteria and occurs in large proportion in the summer, especially in children and causes high mortality and also in the pilgrimage season.  Causes of food poisoning  1 – leave food is uncovered for a long …

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Infection of parasitic worms transmitted by soil

Key facts Infection of parasitic parasitic worms is caused by different types of parasitic worms. It passes through the eggs in human feces, which pollutes the soil in areas suffering from poor sanitation. Nearly 2 billion people are infected with soil-borne parasitic infections around the world. Infected children suffer from …

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Postpartum depression

Postpartum depression is a serious type of depression that occurs after the baby is born. Depression can begin during pregnancy but is not called postpartum depression unless it continues after the baby is born, this is a common case. Statistics show that between 10 and 15 women out of every 100 …

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IT concept and areas of use

Information technology and its concept Information technology means the term scientific applications of science and knowledge in all fields, namely the use of computers and secondary storage media, networks and computer equipment for the creation, processing, storage, protection and exchange of all types of electronic information. The concept of information …

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limon water and kindey stones

Limon is a mulberry tree known scientifically as Citrus limon limons one of the most important plants for domestic use, whether as food or medicine. Limon fruits contain 2.5% pilot oil, which is found in the fruit’s shell the limonade compound accounts for 70% of the pilot oil content. one of …

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