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The College of Nursing holds a seminar

A symposium was held at the College of Nursing at the University of Kufa entitled (Violent Extremism Leading to Terrorism), in which Dr. Zainab Ali Hussein Al-Tarifi, Associate Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs, and Dr. Nadia Jawdat lectured Dr. Zainab Al-Tarifi explained extremism in language as: “the state of …

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The College of Nursing, in cooperation with the Al-Fajr Foundation for Development, has a panel discussion

Al-Fajr Foundation for Development and Development, in cooperation with the College of Nursing and the College of Administration and Economics at the University of Kufa, held a panel discussion entitled (Hemorrhagic Fever), in which Dr. Zainab Ali Hussein and Dr. Muhammad Baqir Hassan lectured, which included a definition of the …

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  The Presidency of the University of Kufa / Legal Affairs Department announces the conduct of the public auction for renting real estate and the money shown in the attached picture. Those wishing to participate should view the text of the bid.

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Examination committee meeting in our college

A meeting was held at the College of Nursing, and according to the recent directives of Dr. Rajha Abdel Hassan Hamza in the College Council, a meeting of the Examination Committee for the morning and evening studies was held, headed by Dr. Haider Hamza and Dr. Jihad Jawad, and all …

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